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There are some things in life that are great to share, important sensitive information is not amongst them, your on-screen information could be sensitive so why have your screen on full view for everyone around you to see? 


EPHY 4 in 1 Filter protects whatever information is on your screen from wandering eyes with high quality Privacy feature. Protect your eyes from harmful blue-light UV rays from your screen with new built in anti-blue light feature. Specialised AG coating provides Anti-glare (on the matte side of the filter) to reduce eyestrain caused by glare. The anti-bacterial feature kills 99.9% of germs so the filter is perfect for your displays with touchscreen in any environment.


This EPHY 4 in 1 Privacy Filter is designed to fit LCD Desktop monitors and comes with 2 x attachment options

To ensure proper fit, measure the viewable height and width of your screen. (Do not include the screen frame/bezel in your measurement.) if you are unsure you can contact us via chat/contact form with the Make and Model of your screen and we will respond with correct size you require.

4 in 1 Desktop Privacy filter with Anti-Blue light / Anti-Glare/ Anti-bacterial

    • High Definition 60° Viewing angle. Users have a 60° viewing angle so if you are sat in front of your screen you can see the information on the screen clearly, while others viewing at an angle will see a black screen.


    • Anti-Glare Eye Protection. This special AG coating on the matte surface of the filter effectively reduces on-screen glare resulting in eyestrain.


    • Anti-Blue Light Protection. Effective Anti-Blue Light design, protect your eyes from harmful blue light UV rays linked to macular degeneration and digital eye strain.


    • Anti-Bacterial Protection. The anti-bacterial feature kills 99.9% perfect for displays with touchscreen in any environment.
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