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The EPHY Black privacy filter is engineered using Micro Louver technology to provide an enhanced level of privacy in comparison to standard privacy filters, To protect your information tiny vertical blinds on the surface of the privacy screen narrow the viewing angle so data is only visible directly in front of the monitor and up to 30 degrees away from the center of the screen.


Perfect clarity blocks onlookers’ view without diminishing yours, onlookers will only see a dark unclear screen when attempting to view the information from a side angle. So you can enjoy peace of mind. 


Click here for installation Guide

Desktop Black Frameless Privacy & Anti-Glare Filter

    • Low-reflection coating reduces glare
    • Data only visible directly in front of screen and up to 30 degrees to each side.
    • 8H hardness prevents degradation and is ideal for touch screens.
    • 2 x installation options, with patented under-bezel tabs.


    • Whats in the box :1 x EPHY Frameless Black privacy filter / Micro fibre cloth / Attachments / Instructions
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