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Our easy on/off hanging frame privacy screens ensure you can work comfortably wherever you are by narrowing the viewing angle on your device so sensitive on-screen data can only be seen clearly from directly in front of your screen. On-lookers will only see a dark unclear screen when attempting to view it from a side angle to ensure privacy and security.


High Clarity

Our privacy filters offer high clarity transmittance making them brighter and clearer than other solutions perfect for high-resolution computer and laptop screens


Easy On/Off

Simple quick and convenient micro suction technology secures the framed privacy filter to your screen so you can easily take the filter on and off your screen with ease without the use of adhesives.


The EPHY Removable Hanging frame filter is made to fit more than one screen size check the description to ensure it fits your screen

To ensure proper fit, only measure the height (mm) and width (mm) of your screen viewable area. (Do not include the screen frame/bezel in your measurement.)

  • Please note Inches is measured diagonally from corner to corner 


if you are unsure you can contact us via chat/contact form with the Make and Model of your screen and we will respond confirming the correct size you require.

Removable Hanging Frame Crystal 4 in 1 Privacy filter with Anti-Blue light

    • High Definition 60° Viewing angle - Users have a 60° viewing angle so if you are sat in front of your screen you can see the information on the screen clearly, while others viewing at an angle will see a black screen.



    • Anti-Blue Light Protection - Effective Anti-Blue Light design, protect your eyes from harmful blue light UV rays linked to macular degeneration and digital eye strain, blocking 65% of blue light


    • Anti-UV - Protect your eyes by filtering out 96% of harmful UV rays.


    • Anti-Scratch - Deluxe hardness coating protects from dirt, debris and scratches. The privacy screen is also shock and drop resistant, ensuring your privacy filter stands the test of time.


    • Easy Install / remove - Simple, quick and convenient Micro-suction technology secures to the monitor bezel without hassle, so you can easily take the hanging type privacy filter on and off your screen.
    • BHP.24W - Fits Screen Sizes 23" 23.6" 23.8" 24" - Ratio 16:9/16:10


    • BHP.22W - Fits Screen Sizes 20" 20.1" 21" 21.5" 22" -  Ratio 16:9/16:10
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