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What to look for when buying a privacy filter?

What to look for when buying a privacy filter?

Having strong passwords/encrypted hardware is a great way to keep your data locked up from anyone, but these tools cant stop someones prying eyes from shoulder surfing or even taking a photo of what your working on. Visual hacking is a serious threat that a lot of us ignore.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution. Privacy Filters that restrict the viewing angle of anyone trying to have a sneak peak of your screen. Anyone trying to see your screen from the sides or top will just see a black screen. Below are some tips to look for when searching for the right privacy filter.

  • Image transmittance: This is one of the main aspects you should look for when buying a privacy filter. There are a lot of filters on the market that will just darken your screen so much that you yourself cant even see it. So the higher transmittance that the filter offers the better. (EPHY Privacy Filters offer a 70.40% Transmittance, which is nearly 5% higher than most other brands)

  • Application: You will find that most Privacy Filter companies offer similar application methods, with the most popular being the double sided clear adhesive strips to stick the filter to your screen which make the filter easy to remove and re-apply without leaving any sticky residue on your screen. EPHY Privacy Filters offer the double sided adhesive as well as the adhesive tabs that you attach to the bezel of your screen so you can slide the filter in from the top of your screen. (please see our "How to apply your EPHY Privacy Filter")

  • Size: Choosing the correct size for your laptop/PC screen is the most common mistake people make when purchasing a Privacy Filter by most people measuring their screen either length ways or from corner bezel to corner bezel. The best ways to measure for the correct size is to measure corner to corner of screen in Inches and then length and the width of the screen in MM (not including bezel). Most Privacy Filter brands have a size chart that you follow. If you are un-sure what size Filter you require, then you can contact EPHY on our contact us page and we can ensure you choose the correct size.

  • Matte finish/Gloss finish: Standard Privacy Filters will only be gloss sided, which does offer more privacy, but it will increase the glare on your screen. So if you are sat with a sun facing window you will find it hard to see your screen. EPHY Privacy Filters offer a double sided solution, with one side Gloss and the other a Matte finish. The matte finish still offers 30 degree privacy and also offers an anti-glare function, reducing the glare from the sun or light onto your screen.


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